Best of 2017

Happy New Year from the Junes!

We’ve had the great fortune to enjoy some truly amazing adventures over the past twelve months. We visited 9 countries, including two new to both of us, and had the time of our lives with friends and family along the way.  From some of our most beloved travel mainstays to new and exciting destinations, please enjoy our favorite journeys of 2017 (in no particular order)!


Verdun – France

One of our first journeys of the year was to the battlefields, trenches and cemeteries of Verdun-sur-Meuse, France. Between February 21 and December 18, 1916, nearly 715,000 French and German soldiers lost their lives here in a horrific battle of attrition, one of the largest and longest of World War I. Walking through these fields and forests – a landscape forever altered by war, scarred with deep shell craters and miles of twisted barbed wire and trenches – was an incredibly moving experience. We highly recommended this hauntingly beautiful region to anyone interested in Franco-German history or military history in general.

Verdun 001

Verdun 002

Douaumont 003.jpg

Douaumont 008.jpg

Verdun 003

Verdun 005

Douaumont 016.jpg

Trenches 001b.jpg

Verdun 004

Trenches 007.jpg

Trenches 008.jpg


Cornwall – England

An April journey to England’s breathtaking Cornish coast was our first adventure outside of continental Europe in 2017. We were blessed with phenomenal weather as we explored the far-flung ruins of Tintagel Castle, hiked Bodmin Moor at sunrise, wandered through the mysterious Lost Gardens of Heligan, and sunbathed on the beaches of Kynance Cove. No trip to Cornwall would be complete, of course, without a stop for the region’s famed cream tea, an indulgence we greatly enjoyed – with the company of an ancient but curious orange tabby – in the beautiful seaside village of Mousehole.

Cornwall 000

Tintagel 006.jpg

Jamaica 001.jpg

Cornwall 001

Heligan 002.jpg

Heligan 014.jpg

Cornwall 004

Mousehole 003.jpg

Cornwall 002

Mousehole 006.jpg

Cornwall 003

Kynance 042.jpg


Wasigenstein Castle hike – France

We embarked on our first family hike of the year – to the crumbling ruins of two French chateaux – in early May. Located between the charming communes of Obersteinbach and Neidersteinbach in the Bas-Rhin region of northeastern France, Wasigenstein and Petit-Arnsbourg offered spectacular countryside views and hours of memorable exploration. Griffey, as always, had a wonderful time scampering through the ruins and dozing in the shade while we enjoyed a picnic beside the trail. This adventure – only 90 minutes from our home – is one of our most treasured outings of the year.

Wasigenstein 026.jpg

Wasigenstein 023.jpg

Wasigenstein 049.jpg

Wasigenstein 047.jpg

Wasigenstein 018.jpg

Wasigenstein 000.jpg

Wasigenstein 009.jpg

Wasigenstein 058.jpg

ZBW 003.jpg

ZBW 008.jpg


Praia do Camilo – Portugal

We ventured back to the Algarve – one of our favorite destinations in Europe! – to celebrate the 6th anniversary of our first date there in late May. We based our adventures near the city of Lagos, spending countless hours along its famed rocky coastline, soaking in the sunshine and swimming in its clear turquoise waters. Our favorite beach, Praia do Camilo, is pictured below in all its breathtaking splendor. How we miss it, everyday!

Camilo 000

Camilo 010.jpg

Camilo 013.jpg

Camilo 033.jpg

Camilo 002

Camilo 003

Camilo 022.jpg

Camilo 024

Camilo 001

Camilo 028.jpg


Blue Lagoon – Malta

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary in early August by visiting the historic island nation of Malta. Our favorite moments were spent at a tiny cove beside the country’s famed Blue Lagoon, where an early morning arrival resulted in two blissful hours of uninterrupted privacy for swimming, snorkeling and cliff diving. Neither of us will ever forget the joy of swimming with the lagoon’s friendly schools of fish, or indulging in Comino’s famous pineapple cocktails (virgin for B. – she was 16 weeks pregnant on this adventure!).

Comino 003.jpg

Lagoon 000

Comino 008.jpg

Lagoon 002

Lagoon 001

Comino 020.jpg

Comino 030.jpg

Lagoon 003

Lagoon 004


Hallstatt – Austria

The journey to Austria’s stunning Lake Hallstatt – long on B.’s bucket list – was one of our last of the year. We were joined on this adventure – a road trip that also took in 12 Christmas markets across central Europe – by Griffey, T.’s mom and a family friend (who are, coincidentally, some of the best travel companions we’ve ever had!). Blanketed in fresh snow, this charming lakeside village – with its colorful cottages, winding pedestrian thoroughfares and spectacular views of surrounding alpine peaks – was nothing short of magical. What a way to wrap up another amazing year of travel and adventure!

Hallstatt 000

Hallstatt 004

Hallstatt 009

Hallstatt 002

Hallstatt 036

Hallstatt 010

Hallstatt 012

Hallstatt 017

Hallstatt 022


Thank you for joining us on our favorite journeys of 2017! As we welcome our first child in the coming weeks, our adventures are certain to be greater, more varied and even more exciting in the new year. We hope you’ll continue to follow us and enjoy the wild ride! – T. & B. June

Next week’s journey: Partnach Gorge – Germany

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